#1: 30 Day Blog Challenge-Five Ways to Win My Heart

  1. Showing kindness toward someone else without expecting anything in return.  True altrusim.
  2. Telling someone what's what in a nice way.  Sometimes you have to let someone know, but it's always best to do this as nicely as possible, unless someone has truly earned a fuss/cuss out!
  3. Teaching me or telling me about something I didn't know.  Anyone know how to sew or play the piano?
  4. Making me laugh.  I mean, a really good, deep down, belly laugh to the point where I can no longer produce sound.  (I usually start to kick my feet at that point).
  5. Being either very old or very young.  I love my friends' little people and I love me some raisins (my mama's slang for old people). 

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