#13: 30 Day Blog Challenge- Your Opinion About Your Body and How Comfortable You Are With It

I'm slender, but not skinny.   I wish I had curvier hips and bigger legs (my Granny is 72 and has Beyonce/Tina Turner legs-genetics isn't always fair).  I used to wish I were taller, but I enjoy my height (my Granny is 5'9" and I'm the oldest and shortest of my cousins.  Again, genetics isn't always fair).  Finally, I wish my feet were a little smaller.  My size 8 feet are what I inherited from my Granny.  Did I mention that genetics isn't always fair?    Overall, I love my body.  My mom and I have the same build (well, she's taller and I'm more, um, busty).  My hips will fill out one day because hers did (yes, I did that).  We both inherited her dad's skinny legs and knobby knees.  I got my dad's chin and my face is a combination of both of my parents.  I have a mole on my finger where my dad had one.  Looking in the mirror is like visiting with my family.  

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