#5: 30 Day Challenge-Things You Want to Say to An Ex

  1. I wish it had worked out, but apparently, it wasn't meant to be.  
  2. It really was you, not me.
  3. Your mother is so sweet, but she scared me when she thought that someone shot down the space shuttle.  And said so out loud.  As we drove past the Kennedy Space Center.  Bless her heart.
  4. Marrying you would be akin to slavery.  No thanks.
  5. I miss your cooking.  A lot.
  6. You are probably too smart for your own good.  It is not all the Black women in the world who are the problem.  God bless you and your giant brain.  I sincerely hope you find someone who "gets" you.
  7. I lied.  It was absolutely terrible and you knew it!
  8. I'm sorry that you're gone.  The good really do die young.  You're my favorite ex.
  9. FYI: I was totally prepared to beat your ass to a pulp if your frat brother hadn't shown up.
  10. Thank you, for helping me to be who I am today!  

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