#15: 30 Day Blog Challenge-Your Zodiac/Horoscope and If You Think It Fits Your Personality

Pisces Strength Keywords:

- Compassionate
- Adaptable
- Accepting
- Devoted
- Imaginative

Pisces Weakness Keywords:

- Oversensitive
- Indecisive
- Self-pitying
- Lazy
- Escapist

(I Googled this info on Pisceans)

Am I a true Pisces?  I am definitely very compassionate toward others (I'm a social worker, and I don't know how to turn it off at 5 p.m.).  I'm accepting of a lot of things about others (I've had clients with all kinds of backgrounds and all kinds of issues as a result).  I have a hard time being on time, but whenever my family or friends call, I'm up and out before they can finish a sentence.  I can be overly sensitive, but I also have ADHD and being overly sensitive is a symptom (due to being easily overwhelmed and sometimes feeling less capable than others).   I am usually pretty decisive, but I'm also flexible.  I'm not a lazy person-I learned how to read at 2 1/2, graduated from high school and college with honors and extra credits, and regularly volunteer for additional projects outside of work. Honestly, I put more stock in the area of birth order than I do in astrology.  I'm an only child, but not functionally.  More on that later. :o)

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