KY Jelly= Anti-frizz and Curl defining product?

Bringing sexy back in a whole new way!

So, imagine my surprise when I browsed Curly Nikki today and found the featured product suggested as an anti-frizz product.  Her blog gave the following instructions, as reprinted from Naturally Curly.com:

"Apply KY Jelly just like any gel. Don’t worry: this remedy isn’t that x-rated. Use sparingly or mixed in with other products. This paste will condition each hair strand section by section; simply smooth through curls with your fingers. Rinse, and behold silky, restored, beautiful hair. You can also apply to dry hair to define curls and smooth frizz."

I will give this tip a try and report back on the results.  If it works out, I can't wait to until someone asks what's making my hair look so good!

Happy styling!