#11: 30 Day Blog Challenge-My Family

I'm the only child of Sharon and Terry Fletcher.  My grandmothers are from Virginia and my grandfathers are from the Carolinas (Maternal grandfather from North, Paternal grandfather from South). My mother is the oldest of 5 kids (2 girls, then 3 boys).  My dad was the oldest son of 4 children (a sister, my dad, then 2 brothers).  I only have 3 first cousins on each side, but  I have a HUGE extended family, as each of my maternal grandparents came from a large family.  Most of my 2nd cousins came to my 30th birthday party last year, including 3 who are over 50!  Unfortunately, my Grandaddy Luther was an orphan and my Grandma Dot was an only child, like me so that side is scarce.  My family is very close-knit and most of my friends say we're like a Southern version of the Cosbys (w/out the money!).  For years we have taken an annual Jones Girls Retreat (my Granny's maiden name) with every woman over 18, including my 90 year old great-aunt Jeannette who drives "little old ladies" to the doctor every day.  I'm blessed with a loving, silly, fantastic family.  We're Baptist, Catholic, and Jewish and we love dancing, good cake, and a dirty joke (my Granny's sisters usually win the contest).   

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