Fighting Shrinkage, the Natural Girl's Kryptonite!!

YouTube - How To Get Your Curls To Hang With A Wash N Go!

I discovered this video by Jetgirl747 on YouTube today and will be giving this a try sometime between tomorrow (4/22) and Sunday (4/24).  I have been rocking a wash and go for the last couple of days and while I have pretty good curl definition (I'm not a stickler for uniform, perfect curls), I have MAJOR shrinkage.  I was just looking at various videos and stumbled upon this one.  I like her technique and her results, so I'll be testing it out!


Kemi Oyl Review Follow-up

Sooo...on Sunday, I pre-pooed, co-washed, deep conditioned, moisturized, detangled, and sealed my hair with KemiOyl before creating medium-sized double-strand twists. Here it is Wednesday and I'm rocking a twistout which feels...moist. Honestly, not the most moist my hair has ever been, but it's ok. I love the smell of Kemi Oyl, but I get more shine from olive oil or castor oil. I suggest that if you give it try, don't pick up the GIANT bottle that I did!


Reviewing An Old Favorite-Kemi Oyl

I used to LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE this stuff back in the day. The scent reminds me of evenings spent with my mom at a local salon in Richmond. I saw in the beauty supply store a few weeks ago and have been waiting to test it. I blew out my hair two weeks ago, and just co-washed my hair today. I did my usual routine, but used Kemi Oyl to seal my hair. I'll follow-up with a review of how well my hair stayed moisturized in a few days...STAY TUNED!


Natural Hair Meet-Up in Hampton, VA!!!

The meet-up is at @ BD's Mongolian Restaurant in Hampton from 12-3p. Two locally-based YouTube vloggers, NoLyeJustCurls (real name Courtney) and Naturally Creole (real name Deanna) are hosting the meet-up. In addition to the opportunity to share tips and advice about natural hair care, stylists, etc. with other locals, there will be a product swap where you can bring some products that didn't work for you to trade. I'm bringing a leave-in, a gel, a shampoo, a pomade stick that contains mineral oil, as well as several never-worn headbands. Hope to see you there!


Spring has arrived!!! Pretty soon, summer will be here!

Spring officially began on 3/22 (scientifically speaking), but the weather here in VA is actually catching up to the calendar. I rarely use heat on my hair and never use chemicals, but I do want some highlights and a warmer hair color for the warmer seasons. How can I achieve highlights/a different hair color without chemicals? By combining some simple ingredients and baggying my hair!

You'll need:

Cinnamon***, 5 TBS
Honey, 2 TSPS
Lemon juice, 1 TSP
Moisturizing conditioner, 2 CUPS (I use Suave Shea Butter & Almond)
2 plastic shower caps or bags (typical grocery bags)
24+ hours to baggy your hair or a crocheted/knit cap to cover the plastic caps

Mix all ingredients well (will look like gingerbread cake batter) and allow to sit for one hour before applying throughout clean, detangled hair. Cover hair with 2 caps/bags and allow to penetrate hair for a full 24 hours or more. I usually don't, but you may occasionally mist your hairline or any exposed area that dries. To rinse, spray hair with water and conditioner (50/50) to loosen any clumps of dried mix. Fill a large bucket or bathtub with cool water. Dunk your head 3-4 times, submerging all of your hair. You may continue dunking to rinse, or use a sprayer or faucet to rinse the remainder of the cinnamon from your hair, co-washing your hair. If you prefer, you can go outside with your hair uncovered in full sunlight to speed up the process. Treat hair with this mixture weekly until the desired shade is achieved. Afterward, once a month should suffice to maintain the color.

* It is normal for your scalp to feel warm or tingly after applying the mixture. Cinnamon is a known scalp-stimulating agent, which some attribute to hair growth.

** I have gone to work with this mixture in my hair by covering most of my hair with the caps and a crochet beanie. I push it back off my head, leaving the front part of my hair exposed just like I do when my hair is "normal" and I'm wearing a hat. Most people do not notice the mix, but love the smell. If you want to minimize the appearance of the mix in your hair (it dries reddish-brown), just keep the front moisturized with a little conditioner and water.

***Do not use if you are allergic to cinnamon. If you are not sure if you are allergic or sensitive to cinnamon, test the inside of one arm 24 hrs in advance of using the treatment. If your skin develops a rash or other such symptoms, discontinue use. I have sensitive skin and eczema on my scalp, but have had no problems using this mixture.

***I added these pictures because, well Purplgirl48 requested them and I needed to post some pictures of MY hair...ENJOY!

How to Encourage Growth and Discourage Boredom--Safe loose styles

As a natural I read a lot about a lot of protective styles, I talk a lot about natural styles, and I definitely WEAR a lot of protective styles. My hair pretty much goes into hibernation from September to April, just like bears do. I do this to retain length and moisture. But, while it's safe and has a great purpose, it can be boring!!! I miss playing in my hair (I tend to twirl a chunk or grab a handful when I'm thinking). Solution: styles that are low-manipulation and prevent hair from rubbing on dangerous surfaces such as the collar of your wool or cotton sweater. Basically, hair that is up off of your neck in some way. You can be creative with this idea, but as long as there is no frost or snow outside, you can get away with rocking your well-moisturized, well-sealed hair out occasionally to break up the monotony.