New Direction for CC&C

I've decided after reviewing my own posts and thinking it over. I've decided to shift the focus of my blog to maintaining curly hair (either in its natural state or straightened) and doing so frugally. I'll also start featuring more tips on being a frugal naturalista or a natural frugalista (either way, saving money while keeping it cute and curly/kinky!).


Cheap Dupe for an Expensive Product

A while back, Curly Nikki featured these Hand Dry hair gloves on her blog. These gloves can be used to dry natural hair while avoiding the mechanical damage one might incur using a regular towel. These gloves retail for about $25.95 online. Imagine my surprise when I found microfiber gloves at my local Dollar Tree store (for those who don't know, everything there is either $1 or 2 for $1). So, if you were looking into trying these out, check out your local dollars. I bought three pair (one to try and two to give away). I tried them, and found that they work well for squeezing the water of hair prior to styling.


Do It Yourself Avocado and Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

You’ll need:
1 ripe avocado (it should be a little squishy when you purchase it)
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1/4 cup of melted shea butter

1. Combine all ingredients and blend well until you get a smooth, thick mixture.

2. Shampoo/co-wash your hair. Apply the hair mask to detangled hair from roots to tips.

3. Cover your hair with a shower cap.

4. Leave the hair mask on for 30 minutes. For deeper penetration, sit under a hooded dryer.

5. Rinse out the mask with lukewarm water and style as usual.


It's My Birthday!!!

Ok, it WAS my birthday on 3/12. I have been busy with work and birthday preparation and getting my dog taken care of. Pretty much, LIFE! I have also agreed to be a bridesmaid in ANOTHER wedding and am apparently the fit model/sounding board for the bride. I believe that brings my grand total to 15. Yes, I have been a member of the bridal party at least 15 times (including my mother's remarriage). I'm like the Black 27 dresses. I even did 2 weddings in one month in 2008! Anywhoo, back to the blog. I've been absent trying to get life under control, but I missed my blog!