Summer Protective Styles

Pretty much everyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of protective styling-double strand twists or braids, updos, or extensions used to protect your hair long term by providing a break from daily or frequent styling.  Many naturals consider these styles to be strictly winter weather options, when the dry, bitter cold poses a threat to our fragile strands.  While I enjoy "unleashing the beast" during the warm weather, and grew a little tired of protective styling by February, I have renewed my interest in such styles due to the OVERWHELMING heat we are having in Virginia these days.  I love to wear my fro, do a puff or wear other "out" styles; however, in my case, at least, I have learned that natural hair is strong like King Kong and does not like to allow so much as a breeze to pass through it.  With that acknowledgment, I had to figure out how to make my protective style of choice-the two-strand or double strand twist, summer-friendly. I will add pics to this post later, but my current style is mini double-strands which can be pinned up and can be shifted into at least three different styles.  This time, I styled them into a pseudo-shag haircut, with the twists creating the silhouette of sideswept "swoosh" bangs and an elongated pixie cut, similiar to the picture shown. 


Correction-July 4th is National Afro Day!!

There is a campaign to make July 4th National Afro Day in addition to a day to celebrate America's inception.  Don't forget to rock out with your locks (or locs) out!!

Fros on the Fourth--Assert Your Independence (from creamy crack)

I saw this posted on another blog (I read so many I can't remember) and thought it would be a good idea to promote it on my blog to my reader(s).  Hey Shayna!  Anyways, the suggestion was to promote natural hair esteem and self acceptance by rocking your natural, um, naturally on the 4th of July.  Usually, I love my hair to be in a protective style; however, I feel that this is a worthwhile excuse to unleash the beast (my crowning glory, Cirrus).  Please rock your fro on the 4th and show your natural pride!!

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Quick recipe:

2 cups suave Almond &Shea Butter conditioner
3 TBs honey (a natural humectant and shine builder)
1/4 cup Giovanni Smooth As Silk Protein Hair Infusion (purchased @ Walmart for $1.50)
1 TB of Olive oil (shine and sealing properties)
2 plastic caps (to relive the Carefree curl days)

*pre-detangled hair is optional, but recommended.  Finger detangle dry hair and mist with water or use your method of choice for wet hair and squeeze out

Mix well (about 2 minutes) and let sit for a minute.  Distribute evenly through your damp, not dripping, hair (I pre-detangled and chunky twisted my hair and squished it through the twists).  Cover with plastic caps (I used two, because I went to sleep and didn't want any goo on my pillows).  I deep condition for at least an hour, but usually overnight (I DC'd overnight this time).  After rinsing well, I found that my hair was soft and shiny and easily combed through.  I will add before and after pics to this review later!

Upcoming Product Reviews

In order to hold myself responsible, I'm listing the products/regimens/tips I will be reviewing:

Coconut cream (supposed to be an excellent deep conditioner)
PhytoMoisture hair mask
DevaCurl Leave-In
Dry hair product distribution (supposed to enhance curl pattern for 4A/Bs)

I will also get around to posting reviews on things I have already tried including:

Cinnamon/Honey hair lightener/highlighter
Coconut milk
Apple Cider vinegar rinse
Castile soap shampoo
Denman brush detangling (love, love, love)