#10-30 Day Challenge- Put Your Music Player On Shuffle

  1. "Are You That Somebody"- Aaliyah
  2. "I Like The Way (Kissing Game)"- Hi Five
  3. "Kiss"- Prince
  4. "You Make Me Wanna"- Usher
  5. "Dirty Diana"- Michael Jackson
  6. "Pretty Wings"- Maxwell
  7. "Iesha"- Another Bad Creation
  8. "Turn It Up"- Brandy
  9. "Scream"- Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson
  10. "The Point of It All"- Anthony Hamilton
I bought an MP3 player specifically for my birthday party last year and loaded it with favorite songs from the three decades of my life.  I haven't added many songs since then and this is a pretty good representation of my favorites.  The only thing missing is a little Craig David, Mario, Common, and MC Lyte.  And some Robin Thicke and Rob Thomas.  Hmmm...

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