Easy-peasy beautiful detangling!

Denman and Goody make several similar brushes that are excellent for detangling.  I use a Denman D4 brush or a similarly made, but slightly wider-set Goody brush to detangle my hair after washing.  I got my Denman brush from Sally's for about $10 and I later found a great Goody version for $5 at Rite Aid.  I usually switch off depending on what I'm doing to my hair or which brush is clean-I usually clean my brushes after washing my hair, but every now and then my ADD acts up.  I usually defer to my Goody brush because my hair has grown and the teeth are wider set.  The best thing about these brushes is that they do the work of several detangling combs (when I first went natural, I was developing quite a set of guns trying to detangle Cirrus with a comb). 

Tips for using a Denman or Goody brush:

  • Choose one based on the thickness of your hair.  My Denman looks like the white one in the middle, but it is black.  I have very thick hair, which I have determined to be mostly 4A/4B and some 3C curls in the back.  It's not the absolute thickest, but it's definitely Cabbage Patch Hair, not Barbie hair. 
  • NEVER dry-brush your hair.  It is safe to use these brushes to detangle and style your hair, as long as your hair is damp to dripping.  Also use at least a handful (I use about 4) of conditioner or styling aid such as gel to allow it to glide through your hair. 
  • Start at the ends and work your way up to the roots.  If you notice tangles or knots, add more product (I use conditioner and I almost never use any gel in my hair).
Happy styling!

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