Deep Conditioning Treatment

Quick recipe:

2 cups suave Almond &Shea Butter conditioner
3 TBs honey (a natural humectant and shine builder)
1/4 cup Giovanni Smooth As Silk Protein Hair Infusion (purchased @ Walmart for $1.50)
1 TB of Olive oil (shine and sealing properties)
2 plastic caps (to relive the Carefree curl days)

*pre-detangled hair is optional, but recommended.  Finger detangle dry hair and mist with water or use your method of choice for wet hair and squeeze out

Mix well (about 2 minutes) and let sit for a minute.  Distribute evenly through your damp, not dripping, hair (I pre-detangled and chunky twisted my hair and squished it through the twists).  Cover with plastic caps (I used two, because I went to sleep and didn't want any goo on my pillows).  I deep condition for at least an hour, but usually overnight (I DC'd overnight this time).  After rinsing well, I found that my hair was soft and shiny and easily combed through.  I will add before and after pics to this review later!

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