I Used to Love Her...

Like most kinky/coily/curly heads (and 80s babies who grew up on Bert & Ernie), I was excited and proud when Sesame Street debuted their brown girl character singing loudly about her hair pride.  My excitement was re-ignited when I saw a post on CurlyNikki about an "I Love My Hair" tank at Forever 21.  I mean, follicle pride and frugal shopping in one.  Be still, my heart.  And then I scrolled down.  I could go along with this newly whitewashed face and wear it proudly as a "light-skinned" (Lord, I hate that word) curly, and consider it accurate.  But what about the little brown girls who live in my neighborhood or who I see out in the greater community who can see their curls in my hair?  What does this character's bleached skin say to them, since the shirt is only sold in this shade (I checked).  I was dealt a double whammy after realizing that this shirt was licensed by Sesame Street and therefore, brought to you by the letter M, for mass marketing.  But wait, aren't young brown and Black girls a major part of Forever 21's market?

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