Happy New Year!! Resolutions or Regrets?

Happy New Year, baby!

Every New Year we all make resolutions and most of us break our resolutions within a month, according to scientists who study that sort of thing. This year, I'm focusing on 3 managable resolutions:  flossing daily, getting more exercise, and being on time.  So far, I'm flossing about every other day and I've joined a local adult basketball league (2 games each week), so those are going pretty well.  That last one is gonna be a struggle, but I'm gonna keep trying!  Anyways, we all make these resolutions for our health and our daily lives, but what about our hair?  I've decided to make 3 hair resolutions this year as well:

  1. Try more styles.  In my first year of natural hair, I think I did pretty well in finding hairstyles that suited my length, personality, and profession.  I did the basic fro, fro w/headband, twists, twists pinned up, twistouts, roll and tuck, and even some spontaneous Bantu knots (when my twists looked a little crazy).  This year I wanna try at least 5 more new styles.  At least one of my friends is getting married this year, so that'll be a good opportunity to try at least one new fancy style!
  2.  Replace my sulfate-free, silicone-filled leave-in w/ a silicone AND sulfate-free one.  It's tough to find one that doesn't have either silicones or sulfates, AND has a pleasant smell, but a friend recommended Giovanni's Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture conditioner.  I plan to test it out next time I wash my hair, but before I use up what I have (Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight and Aussie Moist).  
  3. Attempt the original Tightly Curly method on longer hair.  I tried it when my hair was too short for a puff and it didn't turn out great.  I'd like to try it again now that my hair has pretty much doubled in length.  Hopefully it works out better.  Until then, I'll stick to my modified version (I twist my hair, rather than define my curls).

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