Wen Knock-off--Introducing Hair One

You may have heard of an all-in-one product  called Wen (usually shows up late at night on infomercials, if you have cable).  Antyways, it costs $30 for the entire introductory package which should last 30 days.  Curlies are subject to PJ-ism as much as the next head, but $30 is a lot of money for a product that needs to be replenished frequently.  While perusing my local Sally's (I can ALWAYS be found where there are hair products, especially conditioner), I noticed a new product-HairOne.  My Sally's had an olive oil one, a jojoba oil one, and a tea tree one and they even had sample packets.  The full-size bottle is $10.99 for 8 oz which is a great deal versus the Wen.  Now, I have never used the Wen, but I do know that since going natural, I use conditioner like it's going out of style.  According to the official site, you cannot order the conditioner seperately, so I figure you have to order the entire kit each time you run out of conditioner.  CurlMart charges $28 (plus shipping and handling) for 16 oz.  I usually spend about $5 for 28 oz of Herbal Essences or $6 for 33.5 oz of Aussie Moist, so Wen is a little steep for me. 

Back to your regularly scheduled review: I used two packets of the Olive Oil Hair One, following my usual routine (co-wash twice and then more conditioner and comb through) except that I used the Hair One in place of the two conditioners I usually use.  I found that I needed more product than what is recommended on the package (I used a whole packet to co-wash and a whole packet to comb-through).  While my hair did not feel quite as moisturized as it usually does , I felt that my hair felt soft and conditioned overall and that this product would be good in a pinch or for travel. 

***I also purchased two packets of the Jojoba Hair One that I will review at later time. 

Stay curly, Cupcakes!

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