I Shouldn't Have Left You, Without a Dope Blog to Braid To...

It was recently brought to my attention that I am a bad blogger, meaning that I left my reader(s) hanging for quite a long minute.  (Hi Ma and Sheena!).  While it's not quite an excuse, I kind of stopped writing and started giving more live advice rather than virtual.  I'll try my very best in 2013 to provide updates on at least a bi-weekly basis and (hopefully) work my way up.  Antyways, I have lots to report and pics to follow shortly (I'm on a PC and like many, all my hair-related pics are in my iPhone).  With my mea culpa out of the way, here's what I've been up to, hair-wise, during my unintended extended absence:

I most recently tested a new twist/braid out technique using strips of safe (not cotton or wool) fabric, similar to the way one would use braiding hair.  I think it came out pretty good, but next time I'll do more braids for a little more definition.  I did about 12-15 braids in about an hour and I liked the no-heat stretch and additional definition.  More to follow!

I tried a new deep conditioner/leave-in by Shea Moisture.  I can't remember which one it is, but it's in a yellow tube and I got it on clearance from (the Newport News, VA) Target for $4.10.  When I do my modified tightly curly method, I start with damp hair and use a conditioner, an oil (coconut oil and/or olive oil), and either a heavier oil or a cream (castor oil or mango olive oil hair butter).  Throughout November and December 2012, I used the Shea Moisture with some coconut oil on my damp hair with castor oil on top and concentrated on my edges, nape, and ends and did medium twists every 2-3 weeks. I sprayed my hair with (leftover) bottled water every 2nd or 3rd day and reapplied a little castor oil every other day in between.  I seem to be experiencing more moisture, little breakage, and fewer incidents of trimming fairy knots and clusterknots (where several strands get together and play Twister). 

I had my hair blown out in September 2012 prior to heading to the annual Black Caucus festivities.  I prefer to wear my "real" hair, but it was time for a trim, so it had to be done.  After being referred by a really good, friend with high hair standards and expectations, I went to the Regency Beauty Institute in Newport News, VA.  My stylist was professional and bubbly in the best way, she actually stated that she was afraid of straightening my hair!  I encouraged her to treat my hair gently, but firmly, especially since she told me that she was going natural herself.  Lord bless her, but my hair was only about 85% straight when I left and I had Rudy Huxtable hair for two weeks.  To be fair, it started to rain as I left the shop and it rained again while I was in DC, but I coated my strands with castor oil and wrapped my hair before leaving the salon and took it down only in public from then on.  The hunt for a new blow out artist continues...

What else?  I'm looking to test out a cheaper version of the popular TerrEssentials mudwash.  I've been considering Ghana twists as a protective style and trying to find more scarves to use as headbands (I loved headbands when I had a relaxer, but now I think they make me look like I'm back in middle school). 

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