#21: 30 Day Blog Challenge-How You Hope Your Future Will Be (Like)

*I tweaked #21 a bit for syntax (personal pet peeve)

Near future (within the next 5 years)- I hope to have a fulfilling job as part of a long career of service.  I hope to be in a happy, stable, romantic relationship, and I hope to be in a new home with my dog, Belle.  I want to have earned my Master's degree.

Somewhat distant future (within the next 10 years)- same as above, hope to be married, with at least one child (I want to adopt either way, but definitely if I'm single at this point).  I want to have started my own business at this point, preparing to retire early from my field.  By this point, I want to have earned my Doctorate degree.

Distant future (within the next 15-20 years)- same as above.  Would like at least 2 children if married and both should at least be in grade school by this point!  I want my business to be such a success that it allows me to have lots of time to spend with my friends and family, traveling, and enjoying hobbies.

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