How to Encourage Growth and Discourage Boredom--Safe loose styles

As a natural I read a lot about a lot of protective styles, I talk a lot about natural styles, and I definitely WEAR a lot of protective styles. My hair pretty much goes into hibernation from September to April, just like bears do. I do this to retain length and moisture. But, while it's safe and has a great purpose, it can be boring!!! I miss playing in my hair (I tend to twirl a chunk or grab a handful when I'm thinking). Solution: styles that are low-manipulation and prevent hair from rubbing on dangerous surfaces such as the collar of your wool or cotton sweater. Basically, hair that is up off of your neck in some way. You can be creative with this idea, but as long as there is no frost or snow outside, you can get away with rocking your well-moisturized, well-sealed hair out occasionally to break up the monotony.

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