Protective Styles:Twists, Buns, and Tucks! Oh, my!

Double-strand/Two-strand twist updo
Double-strand/Two-strand twists
Rolled, tucked, and pinned
Double buns
Low bun
Rolled, tucked, fanned, and pinned
Finger rolled, tucked, pinned updo
Janaelle Monet's famous natural pompadour
Finger coils
French braids

These are a few of my favorite protective styles.  Protective styles are important in the colder months to protect your hair from the elements (literally, Earth (dirt), Wind, and Fire (the heat we use to keep us warm can dry out our hair).  Also, the air is drier during the fall and winter months, and the clothes we wear are often dangerous for our hair (wool, in particular).  Protective styles encourage moisture and length retention, as well as promote hair growth by preventing lost strands and discouraging split ends. 

I love my twists, which is why I featured them two ways here, but I also want other options for protecting my hair until the weather warms up again.  A lot of naturals feel that protective styles are boring, but I think these styles are perfect for protecting your hair and looking cute at the same time.  I have several parties and other events coming up and will probably get a chance to test out more than a few of these styles.  I can honestly say that I've tried every style shown here with the exception of the French braids, double buns, and the Janelle monet pompadour.  I will probably be giving the French braids a whirl next weekend when I re-style my hair.  Happy styling!

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