I love twist outs! They are great for extending the life of your double-strand twists as well as avoiding boredom! Twist outs can be easily molded into puffs or ponys, and they're a great way to create a more defined looking Afro or to showcase your hair's length (you worked hard to grow it, now show it!).  Twisting is a common way to stretch our hair and this can provide you with more styling options and allows you to play with the texture of your hair.
I frequently wear my twists for a week or two, then untwist them and wear a twist out for a week.  If you are concerned about hair hygiene, you can wash your hair with your twists in before taking them out for the twist out.  Untwisting is fairly simple and straight forward.  I coat my hands in some kind of hair butter or oil to avoid causing frizziness and then rotate the twist in the opposite direction that it's twisted and slide my finger in between the two "ropes" of hair.  Occasionally, I have to careful undo the end of the twist if my strands are a little tangles, and I carefully separate the twists around my hairline, because I do a flat braided twist, similar to a cornrow along the hairline. 

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